About Us

Avaly was created on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with the clear objective of creating colourful and classic wetsuits that are sustainable and easy for little ones to get in and out of.  We focus on bringing a little bit of style, a lot of cuteness and warmth, all while doing better for the planet. 

Our environmental impact is very important to us and we wanted to create a wetsuit that was a more planet friendly option than the petroleum based neoprene options commonly found on the market. 

Our wetsuits are made from an FSC certified plant based rubber which is tapped from hevea trees  (one tree can produce rubber for up to 30 years!) and we will donate 1% of our sales to the Ocean Clean Up Project.  Our conscious packaging is all biodegradable or recycled paper.

We hope you fall in love with these wetsuits as much as we (and our family) have.

Meet the Founder

Avaly was founded by Australian, mother of two, Alyssa Curtis. She created Avaly after months spent searching for a planet friendly, stylish wetsuit for her little ones. She just couldn’t find one that ticked all the boxes. So she made it. 

With a love of the ocean, a want to make a product that was making a positive impact on our world and an appreciation for colourful, timeless style, Avaly was born.  

When Alyssa isn’t working on Avaly, you’ll find her surrounded by her husband and two children down by the beach at Manly, snorting with laughter with friends and family or having a hot chocolate (the good stuff, always!). 

Our Ethos

Mission Statement

To move the world to sustainable retail while looking ridiculously cute. 

Our Company Values

Here at Avaly we are all about transparency . See below the values that we as a company will always strive to uphold:

1. Environment First - Only create a product that is sustainable, biodegradable or recycable

2. Enthusiasm- Provide enthusiastic and positive customer experience

3. Equality- Create an environment where everyone can be the best version of themselves

About Our Products

At Avaly, our mission is to be part of the solution for our planet, rather than contributing to the problem of landfill waste. We are dedicated to creating eco-friendly products that make a positive impact.

Our wetsuits are crafted from a natural rubber called Hevea, sourced from the Hevea tree. To ensure responsible production, we use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified Hevea, which means our Hevea farmers adhere to strict social and environmental guidelines for sustainable forest management.

The majority of wetsuits on the market are made from neoprene, a material derived from non-renewable resources like petroleum or limestone, which have a significant environmental footprint. In contrast, our plant-based wetsuits offer a sustainable, renewable alternative to neoprene. At Avaly, we take pride in being neoprene-free! By opting for plant-based rubber, we can reduce CO2 emissions from a single wetsuit by up to 80%.

It's time to revolutionise the wetsuit industry and embrace change – all while wearing irresistibly cute, eco-conscious wetsuits. Join us on this journey toward a greener future.

Our Ethical Practices

Avaly is steadfastly committed to ethical practices, driven by our core values of Environment First, Enthusiasm, and Equality. Our focus on transparency, sustainable materials, and responsible manufacturing ensures that our products benefit both people and the environment. Here's how we embrace ethical practices:

  • Small-batch production: Manufacturing wetsuits in small batches helps us avoid overproduction, reduce landfill waste, and stay responsive to customer demand.

  • Ethical manufacturing: Designed in Australia and produced by a specialised wetsuit manufacturer in China, we ensure staff are paid above award wages and have fair work practices in place. Staff are also provided with health insurance or social insurance and have a safe and supportive work environment.

  • Sustainability at our core: We continuously evaluate and improve our practices, placing sustainability at the heart of every decision to promote ethical operations.

FSC Certified


100% Natural Rubber from well-managed forests FSC ® C177503

1% for the Planet

We are committed to donate 1% from each sale to the Ocean Clean Up Project to help protect our beaches for generations to come.

Biodegradable packaging

Any packaging that is used is 100% biodegradable or made from recycled paper.